Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

How to Properly Dress a Turkey in 2020

In the year of COVID-19, lockdowns and self-quarantines, plus size women meander through my shop on a daily basis running their fingers through soft fabrics and longing for a place to wear our fashions. All too often these same women say to me, “I have nowhere to wear beautiful things because I’m not going anywhere special.” They usually say this with a deflated tone that sounds very much like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Let’s be honest: we all can relate. This year seemed to have sucked the joy out of most of us and now we’re heading into the holidays which just seems to be exacerbating the feeling.

Wear It Anyway

My usual response to such a statement is, “WEAR IT ANYWAY”. Friends, we have been living in a chronic state of emergency for the last 10 months and it is killing our general mood & self esteems. If there is a fun top, a sexy sweater or buttery leggings that give you a little bounce in your step, then for the love of God put them on and rock them while you’re decorating for the holidays or binge-watching your new favorite series. There are no rules as to how to navigate these waters so whatever makes you feel good about you, do it!

It’s Just the Two of Us This Thanksgiving

Now more than ever we understand the value of our family traditions. We understand for many of us we are keeping our gatherings small and will be spending a quiet day at home with our immediate families while trying to stay positive. Now is the time to put on your favorite Botticelli outfit, do your hair, throw on a little lipstick, drink from a fancy wine glass and celebrate that next year will be better than this year. It has to be, right?

How to Dress This Turkey

From one turkey to another, let me suggest a few of our favorite items that would be perfect for your small Thanksgiving gatherings. 

Start with what I like to call our favorite “comfy pants”: Joggers and leggings are our go to items. Then if you’re cold like me you’ll dress in layers. I like the Melange Cardigans, the flannel shirts, or the notch sleeve button down top over a solid black tank such as the sleeveless boat neck tank. Then add a fun necklace and you are comfy yet feeling pretty. 

Not into layers?  The cropped sweaters, the center seam sweaters and the brushed thermal sweater are always fun over a pair of girlfriend jeans or leggings. 

Again, WHATEVER makes you feel good about yourself, wear it and wear it proud!  This is not the year to beat ourselves up for having too much pie, not getting to the gym, or for letting your hair go gray. This is the year to love yourself, love others and to love your life.  

Show up for your life in clothing that makes you feel great because your life, no matter how boring you think it is, is special.  

Health & Happiness to you all!


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