• Plus-Size Travel: Have a Confident Adventure

    Traveling is an enriching experience that broadens horizons and creates unforgettable memories. Yet, for plus-size individuals, the excitement of exploring new destinations can be tinged with apprehension. Concerns about airplane seats, clothing availability, and accessibility can cast a shadow on the dream vacation.

  • Weight Bias: A Barrier to Quality Healthcare

    Weight Bias is a pervasive issue in society, unfortunately finds a strong foothold within the medical field. It manifests as negative attitudes and stereotypes held by healthcare professionals towards patients deemed overweight or obese. This bias not only creates a hostile environment for patients but also hinders the delivery of effective medical care.    Understanding Weight Bias …

  • Plus-size mother of the bride shopping

    Shopping For A Plus-Size Dress Isn’t Easy

    As wedding season approaches, plus-size women are on the hunt for the perfect mother’s dress. It can be overwhelming to find a mother-of-the-bride or groom dress as a plus-size woman but every mother deserves to feel confident and beautiful in the ideal wedding outfit that reflects the joyous celebration. In this article, we’ll share valuable …

  • plus size swirl sweater

    New Year, Same Plus Size Me

    Introduction The diet industry and body shaming are closely connected, creating a harmful cycle that promotes impossible beauty standards and harms people’s mental and physical health. The way the diet industry uses body shaming tactics to sell products to plus size people makes these beauty standards even more pervasive, leading to a society where we …

  • This is me.

    Every day of high school I weighed 246lbs & today I weigh exactly the same. When I look at these pictures I can’t help but notice that there is a remarkable difference between these two versions of me. It is as noticeable, to me anyway, as the difference in the colors of my hair. Want …

  • Thin Privilege and Weight Discrimination

    Weight Discrimination has been rampant in the medical profession for decades. Advocate for yourself. Feeling good is not a privilege of the skinny.

  • Plus Size Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

    How to Properly Dress a Turkey in 2020 In the year of COVID-19, lockdowns and self-quarantines, plus size women meander through my shop on a daily basis running their fingers through soft fabrics and longing for a place to wear our fashions. All too often these same women say to me, “I have nowhere to …

  • Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

    The Future of Small Business is in Your Hands It is 2020 and it is funny to me that we are still focusing on size so much. I mean, aren’t we beyond that now? When it comes to people’s body size, we as a culture are still acting as if smaller is better–but we’re also …

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