Plus Size Mystery Box

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Though a “grab bag” might be a bit of a gamble we assure you these packages are worth the roll of the dice. These items have been DRASTICALLY reduced and are all 1st quality products with tags on them. Packages contain 1 bottom & 2 tops, or 3 tops.   Each package may include Skye’s The Limit, Parsley & Sage, Emaline, Rae Mode, etc.  All the great lines you’ve come to love in our every day offerings! You pick your size & the season!



  • XL: Package could includes sizes XL, 12, 14, 16
  • 1x: Package could include Plus Sizes 1x, 16w, 18w
  • 2x: Package could include Plus Sizes 2x, 20w, 22w
  • 3x: Package could include Plus Sizes 3x, 22w, 24w
  • Packages include 1 bottom & 2 tops or 3 tops.
Plus Size Mystery Box
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